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Sassy burlesque in Vancouver

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Welcome to the Live Journal of Sweet Soul Burlesque! What's Sweet Soul? Burlesque fused with contemporary dance and hilarious antics, creates a ferociously spicy night to remember. Inspired by history's most sultry dance form, Sweet Soul not only began designing elaborate costumes, including the essential's pasties and bloomers currently in their product-line, but eventually began to take on the art of Burlesque themselves. Sweet Soul Designs is now sponsor and agent of The Sweet Soul Burlesque Troupe. From softly romantic fan dances to zesty flamenco, this fun and sexy troupe is sure to lighten up your party. Book now for a performance to remember!

For more information call 778-229-6749.

Our members include Cara Milk, Cherry Ontop, Crystal Precious, Little Miss Risk, Jailbait Jenny, Mini Pearl, Your Little Pony, Rita Star, Starlett Bourbon, and Malaika Millions